Miss International

Since 2023, Miss Exclusive has owned the license for Miss International. Miss International was founded in 1960 and is one of the top 4 international pageants in the world.

2023: Jolien Pede / Miss Exclusive 2023

Miss Global

The most beautiful women of all continents

Miss Global is an international beauty pageant that has been held since 2011. Since 2019, Miss Exclusive holds the license of this prestigious pageant.

2023: Yari

Miss Global



In 2024, Miss Exclusive will participate in UNIVERSAL WOMAN for the very first time

Universal Woman is a platform that champions the unique brilliance and beauty of women making a positive impact in today’s world.

We unite, celebrate and promote the contribution of women, diverse beauty and achievement.

2024: Sarah Maria Lux (Miss Exclusive Fire 2023)


The Miss Globe

Since 2021, Miss Exclusive holds the license for ‘THE MISS GLOBE’ pageant.

2021: Amber Vermeulen (Miss Exclusive 2021 Water)

2022: Danitsja Schoutteet (Miss Exclusive 2022 Land)

2023: Laurine Remans (Miss Exclusive 2023 Land)