Since 2014, Miss Exclusive holds the official license for Miss Earth.
Miss Earth is an international beauty pageant with the motto Beauties For A Cause.
The pageant is based on the idea that a miss title leads to a lot of media attention, because many people appreciate or want to be beauty queens.
This attention can be used for a good cause.
Miss Earth should be committed to the environment and the protection of the earth, as well as the promotion of tourism for the country of the organizer.
The Miss Earth pageant is recognized as one of the 2 largest and leading beauty pageants in the world along with Miss Universe

Miss earth 2022


Instagram: @minadori222
Country: Korea
Languages Spoken: Korean, English and Mandarin
Age: 24
Height: 173 cm
Measurements: 34 in – 24 in – 38 in
Education: Communications Major at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Mina advocates in promoting reduction of carbon footprints in cities with sustainable mobility and encouraging lifestyles that will help reduce carbon emission in our daily lives.

With the rapid rise of industrialization and urbanization, humans that live in urban areas will increase at an unprecedented rate. With cities already being 60% responsible for our greenhouse gas emission, the numbers will skyrocket as more people live in cities. One of the greatest factors that contribute to carbon emission is transportation. Our consciousness plays a big role in this task. Finding alternative ways to reduce carbon emission and making eco-friendly choices.